Lauren Comeau: Did She Dump Javi Marroquin For Trying to Bang Kailyn Lowry?

Another day, another dramatic development in the Kail-Javi-Lauren love triangle!

And once again, things are not looking good for ol’ Javi.

Last week, a preview clip for Teen Mom 2 contained a scene in which Kailyn claimed that Javi Marroquin tried to have sex with her in the parking lot of a Wawa convenience store.

Pretty damning stuff — downright presidential in its brazenness.

And it was about to get even worse.

The full episode featured Kail telling her tale, complete with text message receiprs proving Javi’s attempted infidelity.

“Oh really? Is that why you tried to f–k me on Tuesday in the Wawa parking lot while your girlfriend’s home with your son?” she told one of the show’s producers.

“He pulled into the Wawa parking when I was getting gas and he opened the door and was like, ‘I want to f–k you, plain and simple,'” Kail claimed.

“I said, ‘Bye, Javi,’” the “Coffee Convos” she added.

“I have all the text messages of him trying to like, meet up.”

No one really thought Kail was lying before, as Javi is a known cheater, and why would she lie?

But the fact that she saved the texts in which Marroquin basically begs for sex — well, that’s not the sort of thing that Lauren csn sitock her head in the sand and ignore.

(Many have pointed out that Kail seemed to encourage Javi’s advances in the texts, which may be true — but. she wasn’t the one with a fiance at home.)

Javi posted a statement in which he basically begged Kail and Teen Mom 2 to leave him alone.

However, at no point did he deny the cheating allegations.

For her part, Lauren has remained silent on the matter, but it looks as though she’s leting her actions do the spaking for her.

As In Touch reports, it appears tha Lauren has stopped following Javi on social media.

That’s a particulsrly mrsningful gesture, as the last time these two broke up, Javi won Lauren back by posting sn spoology on instagram.

This time, it doesn’t look as though he’ll have that chance.

There’s no word yet on whether or not Javi and Lauren are still living together.

But given the fact that Javi that this is the second time he’s been caught cheating on her, we would be very surprised if she’s in a forgiving mood.

“Lauren, I’m sorry for my mistakes, I’m sorry I broke your heart, I’m sorry I disrespected you,” he wrote in an open letter posted to his Instagram page.

“I’m sorry I took you for granted. I could say sorry for a million other things but I’m sorry will never be enough,” Marroquin continued.

“I will do everything in my power to become a better man and hopefully one day you can forgive me,” he added.

“I’ll do anything to have you home.”

On that occasion, Javi’s honeyed words had the desired effect, and Lauren soon returned to the couple’s home in Dover/

This time, however, something tells us that Javi will have a much more difficult time convincing Lauren to give him another chance.

The guy attempted to hook up with his ex-wife, failed, and got called out on national TV.

In some ways, that’s more embarrassing than drunkenly banging some rando in the bathroom, like he did last tine.

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