Kim Kardashian Dressed as a "CowBot" for Halloween and Yes That Is Pretty Much What You Think It Is

Today in made-up terms I absolutely never needed to know: CowBot.

Kim Kardashian attended Kendall Jenner's annual Halloween party on Sunday in a space cowboy costume she referred to by the unfortunate-sounding and completely unreal compound word "CowBot" — as in: cowgirl robot.

The reality star wore head-to-toe silver for the Mugler look, which consisted of a structured bra top, futuristic sleeves, an angular Wonder Woman-esque bottom piece that flowed into metallic cut-out boots, and (of course) a reflective cowboy hat.

Manfred Thierry Mugler shared his initial vision of the costume on Instagram, posting a 5-page storyboard to his grid. Being a robot is, evidently, very useful in the wild west.

Jenner's annual party was the source of great controversy last year, as she went all out (sans mask) despite the ongoing pandemic (note: this was months before COVID-19 vaccines were made available). This year, the model put together a Mars Attacks! costume, complete with a towering blonde wig and bodycon maxidress.

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