Kim Kardashian Denies Breaking Vatican Rules: "I Adhered to the Dress Code"

Kim Kardashian is currently vacationing in Rome wearing a buncha interesting outfits (my fave was the cherry dress which she paired with a weed-themed trucker hat, but I digress), and she went ahead and hit up The Vatican!

As anyone who has visited The Vatican is aware, it has a pretty strict dress code. According to the website, entry is only permitted to “appropriately dressed visitors” and the rules are as follows:

Meanwhile, Kim showed up in an off-the-shoulder lace dress with cut-outs, prompting the internet to spiral under the assumption that she broke the Vatican dress code. But apparently she did not!

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Kim hopped on Instagram to share photos from her trip, captioning the post “We had the most incredible experience touring Vatican City @vaticanmuseums. It was amazing to be able to view all of the iconic art, architecture and ancient Roman sculptures in person, especially Michelangelo’s works. We even had an opportunity to view their private archive of robes worn by every pope in history, dating back to the 1500’s. Thank you @ocspecial for arranging the visit. (Don’t worry, I adhered to the dress code and fully covered up while inside St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel’s).”

I mean, understandable that people didn’t realize this at first based on the pics—but hey, looks like she respected the rules so moving on!

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