Khloe Kardashian: I LOVE Co-Parenting with Tristan! He’s a Great Dad!

Just as fans are nearly positive that Khloe Kardashian is dating Tristan Thompson again, we see a teaser about their relationship.

Khloe cannot stop gushing about what it’s like to co-parent with her ex. Take a look:

Keeping Up With The Kardashians will be back before we know it.

In the mean time, the show has released this “extra” clip.

In it, Khloe meets up with the incomparable Andy Cohen while at a crowded (pre-pandemic) gathering.

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Being a father himself, Andy immediately asks Khloe about how co-parenting is going.

“You know what, Tristan and I are in a really good space,” Khloe reveals.

Being very diplomatic, Andy acknowledges that “if anyone could get in a good space with him,” Khloe would be the one to manage it.

“It’s like, I have to be an adult,” Khloe acknowledges.

She then asks: “Why make it difficult for myself for the rest of my life?”

Some people would question whether grinning warmly with her ex is really the easiest route.

“I have to deal with him,” Khloe says with less resignation than her words imply.

“And he’s her dad,” she adds, “and he’s a great dad to her.”

Khloe then reasons: “So I’m not gonna drag my feet.”

“I’ll make it as good as I can,” Khloe explains of her positive attitude.

She says that she is going to avoid being confrontational with her ex “Because that would just be harder on me.”

Some would suggest that she has other options, but if Khloe wants to go the amicable route, more power to her.

“Is True on your show?” Andy asks.

Keep in mind that this was filmed many months ago.

Only the final episode of this upcoming season was during COVID-19 lockdown.

Andy’s question stems from a place of parental curiosity, because he has his own son, Benjamin Allen Cohen.

“‘Cause my mom is getting on me,” Andy reveals. “She’s saying I’m posting too much of Ben.”

“She’s like, ‘You can’t do this, he didn’t choose this,’ he says. “And I’m like, ‘but he’s so cute, I can’t handle it!'”

Khloe acknowledges that she has gone back and forth on how much exposure to give true — a concern that her own mother never shared.

But now, she says, she has accepted her role as a “Calabasas mom.”

“I’m, like, the biggest loser,” Khloe tells Andy.

She admits: “I bake homemade bread now!”

This was before the COVID-19 pandemic, when a bunch of people who are capable of experiencing “boredom” took up the same hobby.

Andy begs to disagree, claiming that Khloe is actually the “coolest” of the Kardashians, which is a very kind lie.

Andy then laughs at himself for having grilled her about her personal life on camera like he would have on Watch What Happens Live.

“Don’t you love that I run into you for one second and I go right in on you?” he asks.

“I love it,” Khloe admits with a laugh of her own. “Just ask me when my last gynecology appointment was at this point.”

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