Judge Robert Rinder hits out at criticism over plans to travel to war-torn Ukraine

Judge Rinder praises parents of model village vandals

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Judge Robert Rinder, 43, revealed yesterday that he would be travelling to Ukraine to help his Strictly Come Dancing partner Oksana Platero’s grandparents, as well as covering the border for TalkRadio. The criminal barrister has taken to Twitter to hit out at social media users who have criticised his plans, claiming he is just another “celebrity”.

I hear your scepticism.

Robert Rinder

In a series of tweets starting yesterday, Robert explained his plans to travel to Ukraine’s border with Poland to hopefully meet Oksana’s grandparents.

Since his announcement, the television personality has been inundated with support, but some cruel trolls criticised the move.

The criminal barrister replied directly to one social media user, who criticised Robert as just another “celebrity”.

LifeOnTheJohn said: “How many ‘celebrities’ are going to do this.

“Like the ones who recorded songs for Covid. It’s just media b******t again. The moon landed all over again.”

Robert hastily replied to the message in view of his 188,600 followers.

He said: “Hi there, I hear your scepticism.

“I have collected evidence in international criminal matters and dealt with traumatised children in war crime cases.

“I hope I’m not ‘one of those celebrities’. Be safe and full of joy x.”

Many social media users took to the posts comments to praise the television personality for his bravery.

YeomansonCarol said: “Robbie Rinder you are one of life’s good guys. Don’t be wound up by comments like this.”

HelenGatenby added: “I only wish I could help in a more profound way! Good luck!

“My heart goes to all in this conflict, those who are displaced, injured, who pick arms up and use them.”

BoylanLeslie commented: “Absolutely right to do what you’re doing and ignore people going on about celebrities.

“You have an eloquent voice that needs to be heard and you care. That’s a decent human being, so good on you!”

While Robert is away at the border, he will broadcast live on talkRADIO on Monday.

Robert posted a series of tweets yesterday, telling the world his plans to go to Ukraine, along with pictures of his Strictly partner.

He penned: “Oksana Platero, my Ukrainian dance partner on

@bbcstrictly gifted me so much.

“Right now her grandparents are a week into their struggle to find sanctuary in a safe country.

“I’ll be trying to meet them on the border next week. They’re just a few of the millions who need us @GMB.”

He continued: “Depends on where they make it to but I’ll be at the polish border from Monday.

“If they cross into Hungary the next step will be getting them to safety with their family.”

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