Jessa Duggar BLASTED By Mom-Shamers: Stop Depriving Your Kids!

The Duggars hold many, many controversial views.

In fact, there are times when it seems that all the family does is make babies and create mini-scandals by sharing their ultra-conservative beliefs with their increasingly befuddled fan base.

Some of these beliefs align with evangelical views found elsewhere in the American South and Midwest, such as the view that women should cover themselves up at all times, lest they inspire impure thoughts in the helpless men who cross their paths.

(For those of you who haven’t already raced down to the comments to tear us a new one, we were being sarcastic, and that’s a completely bonkers belief for anyone to hold.)

But some of the more ridiculous views can only be found in Duggar Land — and many of them have to do with child-rearing.

The women of the Duggar clan are subjected to near-constant mom-shaming, but no one gets the full brunt of the internet’s wrath quite like Jessa Duggar.

Jessa has been accused of endangering her son’s life for failing to provide “proper” protection from the sun.

She’s taken flak for her kids’ potty-training, home-schooling, attire, and probably for the way that they breathe in and out.

The situation has gotten so bad that the mother of three has apparently given up, and we now see Jessa baiting mom-shamers for fun.

Sadly, that tactic doesn’t seem to have sent the trolls scurrying back under the bridges from whence they came.

Jessa welcomed her first daughter in May, and as expected, the mom-shaming has been cranked up to 11.

Jessa posted the above photo of little Ivy earlier this week, and at this point, it’s like playing a Where’s Waldo game — see if you can spot the cause of outrage!

Give up? Well, this is was kind of a trick question, as there are two distinct factions here who are pissed at two different things.

On the one side, we have people who are angry that Ivy doesn’t spend more time with a pacifier in her mouth:

“I pretty much only give her a pacifier for car rides, so she’s not super good at taking it— but every time it goes in her mouth, she puts both little fists up on her cheeks like this” Jessa captioned the pic.

“It’s actually good for babies to have pacifiers that young,” one “fan” responded, according to In Touch.

“It’s a SIDS preventative.”

“I was told the same [thing] by multiple doctors and nurses,” another remarked.

In the other camp, we have the haters who believe Jessa is doing her kid a great disservice in the wardrobe department:

“She’s cute but probably REALLY HOT with that huge thing in her head,” one person wrote.

“Why do you not use pink on her? I think she looks pretty [anyway] but never see her with anything pink” another remarked.

Apparently, this “Ivy doesn’t wear enough pink” thing is a commonly-held viewpoint.

“I’m dying to see sweet Ivy in PINK!!!” another fan commented.

Yes, there’s a whole contingent of fans out there who are dying to see some Pink Ivy, which is … strange.

We’re accustomed to a LOT of weirdness from Duggar obsessives.

But they might have just taken their insanity to weird new heights.

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