Jennifer Lopez Treats Valedictorian Barred From Giving Gay Speech to Backstage Meet

Nat Werth catches the ‘On the Floor’ hitmaker’s attention after he made headlines for being prohibited to deliver his speech at his graduation since it addressed being gay in a Lutheran school.

AceShowbizJennifer Lopez paid tribute to a gay student who was banned from opening up about his sexuality during a school speech at a show in Wisconsin earlier this week (begin July 01).

The singer met valedictorian Nat Werth backstage after her concert in the state and commended him for standing up for his rights after officials at his religious Sheboygan high school refused to let him speak at his graduation last month because he planned on addressing being gay in a Lutheran school.

J.Lo told the teen she was “impressed” by him and Werth, who had no idea he’d be meeting his idol after the show, described it as an “amazing experience” he’ll never forget.

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