Jenelle Evans Denies Rumors She Stole A Pregnant Pit Bull In Her Neighborhood: 'No Cops Have Been To My House'

This is a strange situation…

Jenelle Evans is trying to walk back a string of social media rumors that allege she stole a pregnant pit bull from somebody in her neighborhood. To hear her tell it, there’s no crime here — so WTF is going on?!

It all started over the weekend, when the former Teen Mom 2 star took to Facebook to reveal she’d found a pregnant pit bull terrier in her rural, small-town North Carolina neighborhood. Confused by the dog’s presence — and worried since she was pregnant — the controversial reality TV alum asked her followers for help in finding the dog’s owner.

And soon thereafter, the dog gave birth to puppies (pictured above, in inset), which Jenelle is now caring for at home. Good deed done, then, right!? We can wrap it up here and move on?? Errr… not quite!!

In the hours after the 28-year-old first posted about the dog on her Facebook account, some followers started spreading rumors that Jenelle allegedly (a) stole the dog, and/or (b) bred the dog forcibly. Umm, wait, WTF?!

The rumor chatter got so heavy that the North Carolina native had to pop back up on Facebook hours later, writing this message (below) to clarify how she found the dog and deny she had anything to do with any criminal activity or otherwise sketchy behavior with it:

“Wow, now it turns into ‘call the cops on Jenelle for a stray pitbull having puppie .’ I did not breed this dog. I did not steal this dog. I gave this dog a home and have been feeding her. Whoever left this dog chained outside being pregnant in 35 degree weather is beyond me but luckily she found us and we gave her a warm spot to sleep since then. Don’t leave your animals out in the freezing weather.”

Wait, so people were calling the cops on Jenelle too?!

According to E! News, a staffer at Sampson County Sheriff’s Office east of Fayetteville, North Carolina confirmed that no calls had come in regarding county resident Evans and any stray dog. Of course, Jenelle grew up in Brunswick County and at one point recently lived with on-again, off-again, on-again partner David Eason in Columbus County, so it’s possible calls came in to other local county law enforcement offices, too.

Regardless, the one-time MTV star told E! News that the cops hadn’t been to her house and likely wouldn’t come — at least, not just based on rumors phoned in by over-exuberant fans and social media followers. The mother of three explained to the outlet (below):

“No cops have been to my house and I doubt they will come if they are called. The police are 45 minutes from my house so they aren’t coming out here for rumors. They are used to that when it comes to me unfortunately.”

File this one under “just another crazy day in Jenelle’s world,” then, we suppose.

Of course, Jenelle’s world is particularly sensitive to any allegations of animal abuse or mistreatment. As you’ll no doubt recall, Eason killed the family’s French bulldog Nugget back in September 2019 in a horrific incident that eventually led MTV to fire Jenelle and the couple’s kids to be temporarily removed from their home. In that light, perhaps it’s no wonder fans are so sensitive to any animal news involving the famous family…

Regardless, the pit bull in question did give birth to her litter of puppies as Jenelle continues to care for the brood. She just hasn’t decided what to do with the pups! In that same Facebook post, she revealed:

“The kids love the puppies! We might keep one but going to give them away to close friends of mine for free when they are ready to go … I’m only trying to help and the haters tried to start some stuff once I posted she had her puppies.”

OK then!

Not sure what to make of this one, TBH!

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