How David Emmanuel surprised the Queen in bid to stop Diana’s wedding gown malfunction

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Princess Diana was on the brink of an awkward wardrobe malfunction during her wedding day before one of her dress designers stepped in to save the day.

Appearing on Thursday's episode of Lorraine, designer David Emmanuel told host Cat Deeley that he noticed that the Princess of Wales had forgotten to hook her petticoat under her iconic gown.

Minutes before the world's eyes would be on Diana as she walked down to the aisle to Prince Charles, David attempted to resolve the situation but found himself coming face to face with the Queen as he emerged from under the late royal's dress.

Cat quizzed him: "Was there a problem fastening it at one stage before she left? So you had to basically go underneath her dress, and then when you popped up, you came face to face with somebody?"

David quipped: "You've done your research, girl! I take my hat off to you.

"She was all dressed ready to go, looking fabulous, with beautiful blue eyes and I just quickly said to her, 'Darling did you check the hooks in your petticoat?'"

David continued: "She goes 'No'. And I had visions of arriving at St. Paul's, and that huge plume petti would have just gone adrift. It would have taken off."

"So I said, 'Only one way to find out!' and went under and out to check the thing."

However, David said he was horrified to re-emerge from under Diana's dress, which is now on public display at Kensington Palace, to see the Queen staring at him.

"As I was resurfacing under her wedding gown, Diana said, 'David, have you met the Queen Mother?'

"And there, standing right there, was the Queen Mother with a rather quizzical look on her face, like 'What on earth is he doing under her skirt?'"

Nearly two decades since it was last on display, Diana's flawless gown from her 1981 wedding has gone back on display for the public to admire in all its glory.

Kensington Palace has curated a brand new exhibition titled Royal Style in the Making.

Attendees will get to see never-before-seen pieces from the royal family's wardrobes, sketches, and most importantly, Princess Diana's wedding dress.

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