Homes Under The Hammers Lucy Alexander issues plea to Instagram fans over fake account

Lucy Alexander documents her taking her speed awareness course

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Homes Under The Hammer presenter Lucy Alexander issued a warning via Instagram Stories today, after discovering that someone had been trying to connect with fans using a fake version of her alias. “Please report,” she urged fans, adding: “Do not follow.”

The fake account, with the name, lucy_alenxander, appeared online with a profile message claiming that it was an “official back-up account”.

The fake profile also included a link to the star’s real-life account, to trick fans even further into believing it was her.

The ploy seemed to have been successful with some, as the account had accumulated more than 50,000 followers by the time the real Lucy caught sight of it and screenshotted it.

Fake profiles can be used for a huge number of nefarious purposes, including data mining, catfishing and fraud, although it was unclear what the motive of Lucy’s impersonator could be.

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The star regularly posts from her real account to document details of her life with her daughter Kitty.

On Saturday, she published a photo of the pair spending their bank holiday weekend at a “beautiful country house hotel” while “being silly in the mirror”.

She has also used Instagram to share details of how her beloved Kitty was first struck down with the virus that robbed her of the ability to walk.

She even honoured her daughter’s coming of age birthday at 18 with a special social media post dedicated to her bravery.

“You got struck down with Transverse myelitis, a virus that attacked your spinal cord and you became instantly paralysed at the age of 7,” she wrote in the open letter to Kitty, lamenting: “You never walked again after that day.

“You are just funny, beautiful, kind and talented and [I] just wanna say we all love you so much.”

“Keep trailblazing and being who you are,” she encouraged.

She also revealed that her go-getting daughter had refused to allow her disability to hinder her, having recently been accepted to drama school to continue her studies.


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“Well done @kittycastledine for getting into drama school,” her mum praised via the photo-sharing app.

“A life long dream since you were part of the ‘Closing ceremony of the Paralympics’ not long after you became paralysed with your injury.”

She added proudly: “You didn’t let your disability hold you back. Ever.”

Lucy also expressed her enthusiasm that the media had begun to employ disabled actors more regularly and in a more diverse range of roles.

Her own experience with Kitty led Lucy to speak out when she saw fellow presenter Kate Garraway’s documentary Caring For Derek.

The TV show detailed her struggle with seeing the capable, strong man she had loved placed in a medically-induced coma when he contracted Covid.

“So much of this moved me having dealt with trauma in my own family,” she wrote, before empowering Kate with the words: “You got this. Love to you all.”

Lucy, who recently celebrated her 52nd birthday, added that learning about others’ disabilities can “transform” perspectives on life.

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