Harry Styles to join Marvel cinematic universe with exciting new film role

Harry Styles will reportedly be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe after it was tweeted that he makes a surprise appearance at the end of the upcoming feature Eternals.

The 27 year old One Direction star has been pursuing a film career since making his debut appearance in the 2017 Christopher Nolan feature Dunkirk.

A reporter from Variety confirmed that Harry will be joining the MCU as the brother of Thanos, Eros, in an end credit sequence.

They tweeted: “Big reveal from #TheEternals premiere — Harry Styles has joined the MCU as Eros, brother of Thanos.”

While Harry is set to be playing Thanos’ brother in the MCU, it’s uncertain if Thanos’ death will play a part in his characters motivation as the pair have been strong rivals throughout the Marvel line of comics.

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His first arrival to the comics had him fighting alongside the avengers to defeat Thanos after he attacked the planet of Titan.

Eros has also gone by another name within the Marvel line of comics, Starfox, a name given to him when he joined the Avengers for a brief period.

The character of Eros has been little used since the 1980’s, mostly appearing in smaller roles throughout the comics.

With Thanos defeated in the movie universe, it leaves an almost blank slate for Marvel and Harry to work with on the character.

Some Marvel fans were unhappy with the spoilers being posted after the premiere, with one fan tweeting: “for the jerks who are openly tweeting #Eternals spoilers after being invited to the premiere tonight, please know we see you.”

But Harry Styles fans seem overjoyed at the possibility of seeing their favourite star on screen: “my husband loves marvel and I love harry styles so this is the dream.”

Another tweeted: “if you think I’m going to see a marvel movie (when I’ve never seen a marvel movie) just because harry styles is in it for 2 seconds you are absolutely right!”

A third celebrated the accomplishment, writing: "if harry is in eternals that means that this would be his second movie… imagine being able to say that you started your acting career with a movie directed by christopher nolan and that the second time you appeared in a movie was in a marvel movie… only harry styles"

Harry will also be appearing in the 1950's feature Don't Worry Darling, in 2022.

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