Greg James gives worrying update as wife Bella remains in hospital after emergency surgery

Greg James has given an update on his wife, Bella Mackie, after she was rushed to hospital for appendicitis and had to have emergency surgery.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, the 37 year old shared a snap of himself looking concerned and wrote that her ordeal feels “never-ending” and said that doctors are now worried about her getting an infection.

He penned: “Unbelievably, because the appendix burst before they got round to doing surgery and they're worried about infection etc etc, Bella is STILL in the hospital.”

The Radio 1 host continued to say that he would be returning to hosting his show today, 18 September, after Jordan North had covered for him while he stayed with an unwell Bella.

“This feels never ending and I'm sitting round the corner eating dinner feeling quite sad about it all because she's sad and I can't do much about it. Back on the radio tomorrow which will be a nice distraction but f***ing hell”.

On Friday, September 15, Greg shared that Bella was in hospital for appendicitis, sharing snaps and clips to his Story.

He shared his wife’s own post in which she can be seen looking under the weather.

She penned: “In the morning I have to have surgery for appendicitis and I am terrified. If you’ve had this op and want to reassure me, that would be nice (only reassurance nothing else).”

However, in another picture, the pair can be seen looking in high spirits and Greg joked that she “luckily married “an annoyingly upbeat man.”

He said: “Luckily for her she married an annoyingly upbeat man to keep her company (before I get chucked out) Back on the radio on Monday so I can be on call in the morning. Jordan’s gonna cover coz he’s nice” and added two red heart emojis.

He later joked that he may get “chucked out” as he posted a video of himself pretending to imitate the beeping of the hospital’s machines.

Greg said that the NHS staff looking after his wife were “so kind”, explaining that Bella had been a “very anxious patient.”

“Ps. I know it’s always mentioned but f**king hell we’re lucky that so many brilliant people work for the NHS. I’m never not amazed by them. They’ve all been so kind to a very anxious patient today”.

The broadcaster recently told of his own scare as he said that he was hit by a bus and that the driver told him to “shut up.”

On the podcast, How To Fail With Elizabeth Day, he explained: “He swooped in so quickly he hit my head. He actually hit my head. I was on the pavement and I went "mate, you just hit me in the head with your bus". He went ‘oh shut up’.”

He continued: “I said 'what do you mean shut up? You hit me with your bus, look how big your bus is'. I do get riled at transport.”

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