German TV Reporter Smeared Mud On Herself Pretending To Help Flood Cleanup In WILD Viral Video!

A TV reporter in Germany was caught red-handed faking a move to make it look like she’d been helping with a massive flood cleanup effort before a live TV hit in the European nation.

Susanna Ohlen (pictured above) is going through the worst kind of viral infamy right now after a social media video purported to show her purposely smearing mud on herself moments before going on air to report on the flooding and cleanup effort in the city of Bad Müenstereifel.

Ohlen, who has since been suspended by the TV network RTL for her actions, was initially praised for her apparent efforts at helping with flood control. In the hours after her original report for the network from the flood-washed town, the news media outlet published an article on their website with this (translated) headline about Ohlen’s supposed work:

“Cleaning up after the flood: RTL presenter Susanna Ohlen lends a hand in Bad Muenstereifel.”

Sounds great! Except…

As you can see in the clip from Twitter (below), somebody in a multi-story building looking down on the flooding aftermath caught Ohlen clearly appearing to take mud and wipe it across her shirt:

What the…


Hours later, the story we mentioned (above) that had so enthusiastically applauded Ohlen’s assistance was pulled from the internet and, as noted, the reporter herself was suspended for her actions.

German Twitter users remarked on the whole situation, as you can see (below), even going so far as to use the “how it started // how it’s going” meme to reflect RTL’s updated website without the story:


In announcing Ohlen’s suspension, according to a translation published by American media outlets, a spokesperson for the network said (below):

“Our reporter’s approach clearly contradicts journalistic principles and our own standards. We, therefore, gave her leave of absence on Monday after we heard about it.”


And Ohlen herself has already publicly apologized for this s**t show — er, mud show — by the way. In her apology statement, the disgraced TV journalist said (below):

“After I had already privately helped out in the region on previous days, on that morning I was ashamed to appear on camera in front of the other aid workers with a clean upper body. So I unthinkingly smeared mud on my clothing. This should never have happened to me as a journalist. It happened to me as a person whose heart was touched by the suffering of all those affected.”

Hmm… OK, girl. Whatever you say! What do U make of this muddled story, Perezcious readers?? What a wild story! Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)…

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