Gary Linker fumes stick to your BBC conspiracy theory nonsense as fan claims hes biased

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Gary Lineker, 60, spoke his mind on Twitter during a Covid vaccination row today. The Match of the Day presenter decided he had to shut down a social media user, who he felt was sharing “BBC conspiracy theory nonsense”.

I don’t have any narrative but you stick to your BBC conspiracy theory nonsense.

Gary Lineker

An individual on Twitter said: “The flu jab isn’t forced on people Gary.

“You stick to your BBC narrative, you get paid well enough for it.”

The comment angered Gary, who hastily hit back at the suggestion he was biased due to his work for the BBC.

The Match of the Day presenter replied: “Nor is this vaccine forced on anyone, but it’s the best way out of this mess.

“I don’t have any narrative but you stick to your BBC conspiracy theory nonsense.”

It comes after the Match of the Day presenter placed himself in the middle of a vaccine debate, with many angry anti-vaxxers.

One comment said: “Gary, the radio advert says get jabbed so you don’t miss out of the good times.

“Not forced? Come off it!!!!”

Another said: “Not against the vaccine however restrictions on non-vaccinated are effectively making it mandatory.”

Amongst the anger, some fans sided with Gary.

An individual commented: “If the general public saw what my wife sees on a daily basis in COVID ICU, I promise you would be banging down the door to get a jab.”

The debate began earlier today when Gary criticised former Southampton playmaker Matt Le Tissier.

Matt had tweeted: “Why didn’t we ever try this hard to “defeat” flu?

“It has a similar fatality rate to “covid” and actually affects younger people more?

“Answers on a postcard.”

Gary used his platform to correct him, sarcastically replying: “Yeah Matt, why didn’t someone come up with a flu vaccine.”

The presenter was one of the first celebrities to publicly announce that he was getting the Covid vaccine, and urged others to do the same.

On February 25 he tweeted: “Quick, painless, liberating and well organised.

“Well played #NHS.”

Gary has been tweeting about his views on the vaccine in view of his 8.1 million followers.

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