Fans Caught a Major Edit Fail on Kenny's Censored Crotch During 'Bachelor in Paradise' LN

Last night we, the people, were treated to the completely unhinged premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, and there’s been a lot of ~conversation~ about the editing. Including whether or not producers CGI’d a giant bug onto the screen, which Blake Horstmann seems to think is the case even though it most certainly is not.

Anyway, on top of Bug Gate, fans have a lot of questions about Kenny and whether or not he spent the season premiere naked. Answer: no, but the censorship square producers put over his crotch would imply otherwise.

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In actuality, Kenny appears to be wearing a speedo. It’s unclear whether producers were so alarmed by said speedo that they decided it simply wasn’t safe for human consumption, or if they’re just having fun—but probably the latter. After all, censorship squares are something of a tradition in Bachelor Nation—most recently Blake’s nude painting was censored during Katie Thurston’s season—and Kenny seems pretty in on the joke.

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