Duchess Meghan shares smiley Instagram story at her charity amid ‘eco-hypocrite’ backlash

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have been taking flack over their use of private jets. Wednesday, Meghan posted a video of herself having a "Lovely Day" at her charity. (Photo: VICKIE FLORES/ EPA-EFE)

Duchess Meghan hasn’t explicitly responded to so-called “eco-hypocrite” media backlash, but she showed that she’s having a “Lovely Day” away from all that noise.

In an Instagram story shared Wednesday, the Duchess is seen surprising women at the photo shoot of a new capsule collection at her charity Smart Works in London. To the tune of Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day,” she hugs models and works with photographers who are helping with her new line of interview-ready clothes for women in need. It’s not clear when the video was filmed.

The Duchess of Sussex wears jeans, a loose-fitting oxford shirt and heels in the video, and her smile is bright in nearly every frame. Harper’s Bazaar reporter Omid Scobie shared Instagram clips on Twitter.

For people who have been following the recent media criticism of the royals, and also the public criticism of that criticism, Meghan appears almost cheerily aloof, as if to say, “I’ve got more important things to focus on” than whether critics —namely Britain’s The Daily Mail and The Sun — approve of her use of private jets. 

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