Did Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom secretly wed? Plus, more news

Wedding rumors hit Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

For the past few weeks, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been relaxing in Hawaii with their 6-month-old daughter, Daisy, and Orlando’s 10-year-old son, Flynn. But a new photo published by Page Six has some wondering if the trip could actually be a honeymoon of sorts. Taken in Hawaii on Tuesday, March 16, the pic shows Katy dressed down in leggings, a hat that reads “MAMA” — and a gold band on her left ring finger. Photos of Orlando, who stepped out with Katy and Daisy during the day, don’t show his left hand and as of Tuesday, reps for the stars had not responded to a request for comment. But those tidbits have done little to stem the rising tide of fan speculation on social media suggesting the two have already said “I do.” Katy and Orlando previously planned to marry in Japan last year, but postponed the wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Keep reading to see why fans think Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are engaged …

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Khloe Kardashian sparks engagement speculation with massive ring

Could there be wedding bells on the horizon for Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson? Khloe’s fans sure seem to think so. After months of radio silence on the status of their on-off relationship, Khloe and Tristan slowly began showing signs they were back together during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Over the weekend, Khloe shared photos from Tristan’s birthday party along with a gushing caption about Tristan and those who are “meant to be together” (ahem). Now, the Australian magazine Gritty Pretty is sharing its new cover image — a close-up shot of Khloe, wearing a massive diamond ring on her left hand. It appears to be the same ring she had on in an Instagram post promoting her new Good American shoes last month. Like the February post, the latest ring pic fueled copious comments from fans who were desperate to know if she and Tristan are now engaged. While it seems highly unlikely that a stylist randomly placed a sparkler on her left ring finger — or that a photographer had her pose with said bauble, front and center, it’s worth noting that the final season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” kicks off on Thursday. And let’s just say Kris Jenner and her daughters never met an advertising opportunity they didn’t like.

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Gayle King reports Prince Harry has spoken to Prince Charles, Prince William, since Oprah Winfrey interview

Gayle King shared an update on the fallout from Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s recent interview with Oprah Winfrey on Tuesday’s edition of “CBS This Morning” — and tension between the couple and Harry’s family clearly remains high. Referencing allegations of racism and the family’s alleged refusal to allow Meghan to seek mental health treatment at a time when she was considering ending it all, Gayle noted that the duchess “has documents to back up everything that she said on Oprah’s interview,” according to People. Gayle — who has been relatively close with Meghan and Harry in recent years and reportedly attended Meghan’s baby shower ahead of Archie’s birth — also addressed the investigation the palace has launched into claims Meghan bullied members of the royal staff, allegations Meghan has denied. From Gayle’s perspective, the story doesn’t really add up. “The bullying thing was raised in 2018 and now there’s an ongoing investigation about bullying from Meghan Markle, when anyone who has worked with her will tell you exactly who she is,” she said, adding that Meghan is “really a very sweet, caring person.” As for questions about whether Harry had spoken to his father, Prince Charles, or brother, Prince William, since the interview aired, Gayle revealed they did speak this past weekend. “The word I was given was that those conversations were not productive. But they are glad that they have at least started a conversation,” she said. “And I think what is still upsetting to them is the palace keep saying they want to work it out privately, but yet, they believe these false stories are coming out that are very disparaging against Meghan, still.” Finally, she pointed out that, “no one in the royal family has talked to Meghan yet, at this particular time.”

Nick Cannon is on ‘a journey of atonement’ following backlash over anti-Semitic remarks

In the wake of the anti-Semitic comments he made last summer on his podcast, Nick Cannon says he’s on a “journey of atonement.” In a preview clip from Tuesday’s edition of “Soul of a Nation,” Nick explains to ABC’s Linsey Davis that he’s trying to learn as much as he can about the implications ofthe anti-Semitic conspiracy theories he and former Public Enemy member Professor Griff discussed during the show. “I’ve always said that apologies are empty. Apologies are weightless,” Nick says in the clip, per People. “In Hebrew they call it, you know, ‘Teshuva,’ the process of not only you know, repenting, but through that, if you’re ever met with a similar situation that you make a different decision. That goes beyond apologizing.” He goes on to say he’s, “on this journey of atonement — not to get a job, not to gain any more money because that’s not what’s needed here — I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do.” He adds, “I hurt people. I’m going to lean into it. I want to understand why I hurt you, what did I say? What are these tropes? Educate me.” Although Nick was axed by ViacomCBS after the podcast aired, MTV has since announced he will return to hosting “Wild ‘N Out.” “My journey’s not going to stop whether the person watching this forgives me or not,” Nick said.”I’m still going to hopefully, through this process, be on the right side of history and bring people closer together.”

Alicia Silverstone praises Harry Styles’ seemingly ‘Clueless’-inspired Grammy ensemble

If you thought the yellow plaid blazer and boa ensemble Harry Styles wore to Sunday’s Grammy Awards looked familiar, you’re not alone. “I am loving the #Clueless vibes @harrystyles!! 😉💁🏼‍♀️,” “Clueless” star Alicia Silverstone wrote on Instagram on Monday. “Cher would be so honored (and totally approve!!) of this chic look. 😘,” she added before congratulating the singer on his Best Pop Solo Performance win for “Watermelon Sugar.” Harry’s look — which included three boas in three different colors over the course of the night — was styled by Harry Lambert, according to ET. Both his”Clueless”-esque red carpet duds and the black leather getup he wore onstage were by Gucci.

Elliot Page says he’s ‘fully who I am’ after coming out as transgender

In his first interview since coming out as transgender on social media in December, Elliot Page speaks candidly to Time about his “complicated journey” towards living life as the person he truly is. That journey has included “true excitement and deep gratitude,” as well as “a lot of fear and anxiety,” the “Umbrella Academy” star, 34, says in the outlet’s new cover story. “What I was anticipating was a lot of support and love and a massive amount of hatred and transphobia. That’s essentially what happened,” Elliot says of his expectations ahead of coming out. It was all worth it for a number of reasons, though. “Extremely influential people are spreading these myths and damaging rhetoric — every day you’re seeing our existence debated. Transgender people are so very real,” he explains, saying later that it was important to him that he take advantage of his platform as an actor to go public. On a personal level, though, there was a lot of pain up until this point, particularly because of his Hollywood-centric career, which led him to have trouble recognizing himself, he recalls. Elliot also reveals he recently underwent top surgery, saying the experience “transformed” his life. “People cling to these firm ideas [about gender] because it makes people feel safe. But if we could just celebrate all the wonderful complexities of people, the world would be such a better place,” he muses. While he was nervous about the effect coming out as trans would have on his career, Elliot says he’s already getting offers to act, direct and produce. “I’m really excited to act, now that I’m fully who I am, in this body,” he says. “No matter the challenges and difficult moments of this, nothing amounts to getting to feel how I feel now.”

Demi Lovato announces a semi-autobiographical new album is on the way

It’s been four years since Demi Lovato released a full-length studio album, her last being 2017’s “Tell Me You Love Me.” On Monday night, the singer announced she’ll put an end to that dry spell on April 2 with the release of “Dancing With the Devil … The Art of Starting Over.” The album’s set to come out on the heels of the SXSW premiere of her “Dancing With the Devil” documentary, which traces Demi’s history with addiction, including her near-fatal 2018 overdose. “If you listen to it track by track, if you follow the track listing, it’s kind of actually like the non-official soundtrack to the documentary. Because it really does follow my life over the past couple of years,” Demi explained during a livestream on Clubhouse. “When we went through the track listing and kind of mapped out how it kind of coincided with my life’s story, it made sense to add the more emotional stuff in the beginning and then transition into ‘The Art of Starting Over.'” According to Variety, the new, 19-track release features a mix of country, R&B and pop and a handful of collaborations (Variety’s predicting Ariana Grande will appear). Following its virtual SXSW premiere this week, the doc, “Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil,” heads to YouTube as a four-part series on March 23.

Gwyneth Paltrow explains why she gets cosmetic injections

As the celebrity face of Xeomin, a new anti-wrinkle injection used on “11” lines between the eyebrows, Gwyneth Paltrow’s given some serious thought to how cosmetic procedures are perceived in general. “A lot of successful women in Hollywood are motivated early on by not being good enough, and so we’re trying to prove something to ourselves,” the actress and Goop founder tells Bazaar.com in a new interview. “By getting injectables, it’s like admitting a vulnerability. I think sometimes honesty is perceived to be a weakness … There does seem to be a lot of stigma around injections.” Gwyneth, 48, also reveals that after a previous experience with injectables went south, she’s found it just takes “a teeny drop” of Xeomin to give her face a “less p—– off” appearance. “I had a midlife crisis when I turned 40, and I went to go see this doctor,” she recalls. “It was a disaster. I didn’t do anything else for a long, long time. I was bruised, my forehead was completely frozen, and I didn’t look like myself at all.” She has no problem telling people about her experiences, either. “I think it’s nice when women share, because there’s a lot of shame around surgery or injectables or fillers, and it would be nice if people felt confident about the choices they were making,” she says. “But if they want to have a beauty secret, that’s OK, too. I’m an open book — I’ve shared what works for me, because that’s how I’ve always learned.” Looking ahead, Gwyneth says she’s encouraged to see girls and young women, “embracing and deifying women like Jane Fonda and Frances McDormand.” She continues, “They just love cool women, whether they’re older or different to them. They’re so much less judgmental about other women of all shapes and sizes. I observe that with my daughter. They look at the whole woman, instead of some super-airbrushed, FaceTuned Instagram photo. I like the trend I’m seeing.”

‘Bachelor’ star Matt James confronts Rachael Kirkconnell about racially insensitive posts on ‘After the Rose’ special

A controversy-filled — and Chris Harrison-free — season of “The Bachelor” came to an end on Monday with a straightforward discussion about race between Matt James, the franchise’s first Black star, and Rachael Kirkconnell, who he chose but ended up not proposing to.The last part of the season revolved around social media posts Rachael shared that showed her attending an Antebellum-themed event, hitting “like” on photos featuring Confederate flags and sharing QAnon-related conspiracy theories. It was all understandably a bit much for Matt, who explained to Rachael on “After the Rose” why they couldn’t be together. Speaking to host Emmanuel Acho, who stepped in for Chris after he defended Rachael’s offensive social media posts, Matt recalled “the moment and the conversation” where he “realized that Rachael might not understand what it means to be Black in America,” a remark NPR dubbed the “understatement of the century” in its finale post-op. “It’s heartbreaking, Matt continued. “If you don’t understand that something like that is problematic in 2018 [when the photos were taken], there’s a lot of me that you won’t understand. It’s as simple as that.” Katie Thurston, a fan-favorite on Matt’s season of “The Bachelor,” is set to star as “The Bachelorette” when it returns for Season 17, followed by Michelle Young, who will take over “The Bachelorette” reins in 2018.

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