Dianne Buswell says if she wins Strictly Come Dancing she will change ‘identity’

Dianne Buswell reveals 'bald patch' from Marge Simpson wig

Dianne Buswell, 31, has spoken on the dramatic change she could make to her “identity” if she lifts the Glitterball trophy in the near future. The Strictly Come Dancing star admitted that if she were to win the dance contest, she would consider altering her appearance by dying her flame-coloured hair.

I would love to give it a change

Dianne Buswell

She revealed to Hello!: “I keep saying if I win Strictly, I’ll change my hair colour. 

“It hasn’t happened yet. I would love to give it a change.

“If I win, I might change my identity. But for now, the red is staying!”

The star first joined Strictly in 2017 where she danced alongside Reverend Richard Coles. In the latest season, she was partnered with The Wanted singer Max George before they were voted out in week three.

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While red hair has become a trademark for the girlfriend of influencer Joe Sugg, her natural hair colour is brunette.

The Strictly dancer has previously had blonde and orange hair, but it seems she prefers her hair to be a luxurious red colour.

Previously the dancer has uploaded snaps of the many different hues her hair has been on to her Instagram account.

Dianne recently shared a photo from her teenage years where she was seen without her signature coloured hair.

Although she may be known for her dancing career, Dianne was also once a hairdresser.

In 2018, Dianne tweeted of how hairdressing led to her practising on her own hair.

She also revealed her background in hair inspired her to experiment with red tresses.

Dianne divulged: “When you’re a hairdresser sometimes you get scissor happy!

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“This term means you want to just cut hair any hair and if there is no head you just cut your own!

“And that’s what I did! It’s also how my hair became red.”

During the first lockdown, Dianne took to her YouTube channel to share with fans how she achieves her vibrant locks while at home with Joe, who she has dated since they were partnered on Strictly together in 2018.

In a tutorial, the dancer explained her secret to creating a bright red tone.

However, Dianne has also admitted to their being negatives to maintaining bright hair.

After appearing on This Morning in2018, Dianne spoke of how her hair dye had stained her hands red.

On her Instagram Stories, she said: “Hope you guys enjoyed that little interview this morning.

“I didn’t actually mention, though why my hands were so red. Obviously, I washed my hair this morning.

“I’m sure a lot of you noticed my red hands. I forgot to mention it. But they’re red as per usual.”

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