Denny's Sued by Server Claiming She Was Called Old, Racist by Co-Workers

An ex-Denny’s server has beef with the famous diner and is now suing … claiming she was canned as retaliation after she reported some of her colleagues for calling her old and racist.

Vina Dejoria filed the lawsuit in Nevada claiming she was subjected to harassment and bullying, which also included co-workers saying she came from the “dinosaur age.”

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Dejoria — who is white — says she started working at Denny’s as a server in November 2017 and was 46 when she got fired. Things appeared to start going downhill earlier this year when Dejoria claims she was called a racist for refusing to wait on tables of customers based on the color of the customers’ skin — but she says that’s not true.

In any event, Dejoria claims she reported the harassment and hostility but nothing was done by her supervisor.

Dejoria goes on to claim she was eventually suspended and then axed from her job for allegedly being the Denny’s employee doing the bullying, which she believes was just retaliation for her reporting the alleged harassment from co-workers.

Now, over the last year, we’ve seen plenty of Denny’s servers and hosts raise hell over customers who weren’t wearing masks — like this video from an Illinois Denny’s — but Dejoria’s case is strictly about allegations of racism, on her part, and harassment … on the part of her co-workers and bosses.

We’ve reached out to Denny’s, but so far no word back.

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