David Dickinson wife: How did David Dickinson meet his wife Lorne?

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David Dickinson has presented his antiquing series Dickinson’s Real Deal for more than a decade with the series first airing in 2006. 15 series later David has become a well-known face of day time TV but what is known of his marriage to wife Lorne?

How did David Dickinson meet his wife Lorne?

David met his wife of more than 50 years Lorne in the early 1960s at a nightclub.

At the time they first met, his wife Lorne worked as a cabaret singer.

After hitting it off, they later tied the knot in 1968 and celebrated 52 years of marriage this year.

Rags to riches love story of David Dickinson and wife of 50 years

David has previously kept his relationship with wife Lorne out of the spotlight although back in 2017 he spoke of their dynamic.

He said: “Lorne lets me think I’m the master of my own home.

“Any girls who know what they’re doing lets their man think they’re in charge, but we know we’re not really.”

While not much is known fo their relationship, it was previously revealed that David is related through his wife Lorne to comedian Jack Whitehall.

While appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show last month, Jack opened up on his surprise family link.

Jack explained that while attending a funeral, he spotted the TV star.

The comedian revealed: “[David is] married to one of my second cousins.

“I saw him at a funeral, over the other side of the grave.”

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Elsewhere, David is known for presenting on his own show Dickinson’s Real Deal which first aired in 2006.

More than a decade later the series is still on our screens and is currently airing its 15th series.

During an interview in 2015 on Loose Women, David spoke of how “lucky” he feels to have his career on screen.

He said: “In some ways, I have been lucky because being in television it’s given me a very good living as you all known out there it is pretty difficult nowadays.”

The presenter went on to talk of how on the show he has help from a team of people to help with pricing.

He said: “People say ‘oh you know all about this’ no I don’t know all about it I was in furniture and works of art.

“I have a team of six people who are consultants to sale or their auctioneers, and I go back quickly and say ‘what do you think about that.'”

Dickinson’s Real Deal will air today from 2pm on ITV.

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