Dan Walker issues apology to Strictly co-star Rose Ayling-Ellis: We did a bad thing

Strictly: Dan Walker apologises to Rose Ayling-Ellis

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Dan Walker, 44, has said sorry to his Strictly Come Dancing co-star, Rose Ayling-Ellis, 26, for forgetting to include subtitles on his Instagram videos. The EastEnders actress has made Strictly history as the show’s first ever deaf contestant.

I’m very sorry Rose and everybody else for not doing the captions.

Dan Walker

In Dan’s videos, he can be seen with his partner, Nadiya Bychkova, discussing key words she says to help him understand his choroegraphy.

These include “stretchy boss”, “fish fingers”, and “captain”.

After the pair finished laughing over the instructions, Dan had a realisation.

He said: “Oh just a little update, we did a bad thing, I promised Rose that every time I did one of these videos I would put the captions on.

“I didn’t do it.

“So yeah, I’m very sorry Rose and everybody else for not doing the captions.

“I promise to try and do them again next time.”

Nadia then told Dan she is unsure of how to create the captions herself.

The BBC presenter then attempted to explain things to Nadia.

He said: “You just have to go up into the ummm thingy at the top and then press stickers, press captions, and then all the words that you’ve said come up, including stretchy boss.

“Sorry for not doing that, we’ll try to remember to do that again.

“See you in a moment.”

Rose was over the moon that Dan had remembered what she had said in a passing comment.

She replied on her own Instagram: “Oooooh Dan!! Thank you, honestly hand on heart, trying is soooo much better than not trying. (sic)

“Thank you, you kind soul.”

It was announced on Saturday that Rose would be partnered with Giovanni Pernice.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk she said: “I feel Strictly will be a good chance to break the stereotype of what deaf people can and can’t do.”

This has already happened on Saturday’s live show, with viewers spotting presenters Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman using sign language for certain words when communicating with Rose.

During Rose’s first sit down interview with Giovanni, he revealed he had learnt certain words in sign language in preparation.

At one stage, dancing pro Gorka Márquez could be seen using sign language to convey his applause for Rose.

Strictly have made history with Rose, so it is no surprise Dan wanted to make sure the actress was able to understand his Instagram Stories.

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