Daisy Edgar Jones partner: Is the Normal People star dating anyone?

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Daisy Edgar Jones, 21, took on the character Marianne in the BBC Three’s adaptation of author Sally Rooney’s book Normal People. Daisy stars alongside Paul Mescal, 24, who plays the role, Connell, in the BBC show, which sees the romance between them blossom but who is Daisy dating off-screen?

Since Normal People has aired, fans of the show can’t get over the chemistry Daisy and Paul have on screen.

Talking to W Magazine Daisy opened up on the pair’s chemistry.

She said:”We just had a very similar understanding of the way that they communicate and the kind of humour that they have.

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“It just was always kind of there, really.”

Paul has also spoken out about the pair’s chemistry and says it is because they get on so well.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Paul said: “Once we started rehearsing, I think ultimately it came down to just me and Daisy really getting on and having lots of fun.

“Also, I think it was useful that we were both playing characters that are kind of seismic of the shape of our careers – we both hadn’t led a television series, so we were kind of in it together.”

While fans of Normal People wish Daisy and Paul were dating off-screen, Daisy is actually dating Game of Thrones actor, Tom Varey.

It is unknown how long the pair have been together, but according to the Evening Standard, they currently live together in London.

The Mirror reported the couple met on the set of 2018 film Pond Life.

Daisy’s boyfriend, Tom is best known for his role in Game of Thrones where he played Cley Cerwyn in the shows sixth season.


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Daisy told the Evening Standard before filming the Normal People series she, Tom and Paul all went out to dinner together.

She went on to say how she has made Tom sit and preview the series – even the sometimes graphic sex scenes.

Daisy said: “He was gritting his teeth [during the sex scenes], but at least he’s seen it now.”

Fans have since praised the sex scenes depicted in the show for being realistic and consensual.

Talking about the intimacy on set Daisy told BT: “They’re so, so integral to the book and we wanted it to feel like we did them justice in the series because they say so much about their relationship.

“I think Ita [O’Brien, the show’s intimacy director] just allowed us to concentrate more on the acting beats while she focused on the choreography, and also the safety of both of us, and our comfortableness in the scenes. She was amazing, she really was.”

Daisy Edgar Jones and her Normal People co-star Paul Mescal will appear via live video link on The Graham Norton Show on BBC One tonight at 10.45pm.

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