Courteney Cox Had a Surprising Plan B If Acting Didn't Work Out

Courteney Cox Had a Surprising Plan B If Acting Didn’t Work Out

It’s hard to imagine some of our favorite celebrities doing anything except acting, singing, dancing, and posing on the red carpet. But in an industry as volatile and unpredictable as showbiz, it goes without saying that most A-listers had a plan B just in case the whole “being a megastar” thing didn’t pan out.

So, while we’ve gotten used to stars like Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, and more being everywhere, they all actually had a few other dreams (or at least fallback careers) outside of making it in Hollywood. From going to space to designing buildings or selling pools, the careers your favorite celebs would have had if they weren’t famous will definitely surprise you. Keep reading to learn them all, then check out the jobs celebrities did actually hold before they became famous (some of them are hard to believe!).

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