Channel 5 weather star Sian Welby details cryptic start to job at broadcaster

Sian Welby's Star Wars weather

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Channel 5’s former weather star Sian Welby rose to prominence thanks to her fun and engaging weather forecasts. Now, she speaks exclusively to about her career. 

The TV and radio presenter fronts the Capital FM Breakfast Show and is set to host this weekend’s Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball with Barclaycard at the 02 Arena.

In an interview with, Sian revisited her early days in broadcast and her fortuitous discovery by former Channel 5 owner Richard Desmond.

The star detailed how her appearance in an advert for New! Magazine was key in launching her career in 2010.

At the time, Sian was 19 years old and had been working as a sales assistant for New Look while auditioning for roles in the entertainment industry.

She explained how in order to attend a life-changing meeting with Channel 5, she had to miss one of her shifts and risk getting fired.

Sian described the serendipitous process as a “chain of events”.

She said: “New! Magazine was part of the Express Group owned by a man called Richard Desmond, who had just bought Channel 5, and so in his offices, where the newspapers are printed in OK magazine and all of that.

“This New! Magazine advert was playing on a loop. Little did I know that every single day the bosses would see in my face on this screen.

“And so it’s such a surreal thing,” the presenter continued. 

“And because when I did the advert, I really gave it my all because I’d been waiting all day and I thought,, ‘If I get fired at New Look after this, I’ve got to make it worth my while’.

“And so I was featured quite a lot in the ad. And off the back of it, the boss – this is all according to the things I’ve heard… Richard Desmond said to the head of Channel five, ‘Get that girl in! Who is she?’

“And next thing you know, I’m coming down to London for a meeting.”

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However, the interview was not entirely straightforward as Sian recalled the conversation being “cryptic”.

She said: “They kept it really cryptic and just asked me a lot about myself and then said, ‘You know, what are you into? What do you want to do?’

“And I told them all the presenting I’ve done.

“And I think the guy just was… I don’t know…

“Maybe he just thought, ‘let’s give her a chance’.

“And then I got a call to say, ‘Channel five want you to be their weather girl’.

“[I remember] going, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know anything about the weather.’”

Sian eventually went on to join Capital FM Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp and Sonny Jay in 2020.

She will be hosting this weekend’s Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball with a stellar line-up including Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Becky Hill and Jesy Nelson.

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