Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra's Gender Reveal “Party” Shocks Fans (And Tyler)!

Well, folks, despite all the rumors about Teen Mom OG getting canceled, the long-running series is returning to MTV for at least one more season.

Not only that, Teen Mom Tuesdays are now a two-for-one deal, as TMOG will be joined by a new season of Teen Mom Young & Pregnant.

It’s more Teen Mom than you bargained for — and possibily more than you wanted.

But hey, if the new dual-trailer teaches us anything, it’s that the OGs of the TM universe are still capable of surprising us!

Maybe the doubling-up is a sign that MTV execs see Young and Pregnant as the future of the franchise.

Or maybe it’s yet another indication that the network is basing its future on round-the-clock Ridiculousness marathons.

Anyway, the newly-released one-minute clip features some surprising revelations:

For starters, Young and Pregnant is introducing two new cast members, Kayla Jones and Madison Beith.

Will they be the infusion of new blood that this franchise needs in order to spring back to life?

Almost certainly not, um … only time will tell!

As for the so-called OGs (the show really hasn’t lived up to that title since it started adding newcomers like Mackenzie McKee and Cheyenne Floyd), well they’re still exaggerating the minimal drama in their lives in hopes of sustaining viewers’ interest.

For example, it looks like we’re in for a whole storyline about Mackenzie McKee’s son biting other kids.

Thrilling stuff!

We’re sure that will be enough reverse the trend of those plummeting Teen Mom OG ratings!

Anyway, one of the actual OGs managed to offer up a somewhat surprising moment in the trailer.

As you’re probably aware, Catelynn is pregnant with baby number four these days, and once again, she and Tyler are expecting a daughter.

The couple’s gender reveal “party” (they were the only ones in attendance, probably because of Covid concerns) turned out to be a disappointing affair, as both parents were clearly hoping for a boy.

“Oh s–t,” Tyler exclaimed as pink confetti swirled about the room.

“It’s another girl,” Catelynn tearfully mumbled before burying her face in her hands.

Now, we don’t want to disparage these two for their reactions to the news.

Despite their flaws, Tyler and Catelynn have proven to be loving and devoted parents.

But they’ve also been reality TV stars for their entire adult lives, which means they should probably be a bit more cautious about allowing themselves to be filmed at moments that could prove damaging to their kids in the future.

One day, Baby Number 4 will grow up and watch TMOG in its entirety.

After all, who could resist an insanely-long documentary about their parents when they were young and dumb?

And that’s all well and good, but it’s kind of a bummer thinking about the kid reaching the scene at which her parents are visibly pissed off that she’s a girl.

But hey, at the end of the day, things could always be much, much worse — it’s not like she’s gonna be raised by Jenelle or Farrah!

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