Carol Kirkwood: BBC Breakfast star admits being ‘caught out’ by Bill Turnbull on-air

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BBC Breakfast’s meteorologist Carol Kirkwood, 58, opened up to her old pal and colleague Bill Turnbull, 64, about how she misses working with him since he stepped down from the morning show in 2016. She revealed that she was always “caught out” by him on-air when he directed questions at her she wasn’t able to answer.

Then it would be some humdinger that I couldn’t answer or you’d catch me out somewhere

Carol Kirkwood

Re-connecting on the airwaves of Bill’s new Classic FM podcast Paws and Claws, they reminisced about their first time working together.

The TV stars met while working on News 24 back in 1998, and Bill remembered Carol used to blow kisses at him while he was trying to read the news.

“Ah Billy but you’re irresistible!” she giggled.

“I’m only human at the end of the day and I used to love working with you.”

“I bet you did that for everybody, didn’t you,” he laughed, believing he wasn’t the only lucky one to be on the receiving end of Carol’s cheeky affections.

“Yes…” she joked before correcting herself: “No, of course I didn’t! You were special, it was always such good fun.

Carol continued: “You were a wee rascal because you always had a twinkle in your eye, you never actually knew what you were going to ask!

“Then it would be some humdinger that I couldn’t answer or you’d catch me out somewhere.”

She revealed that she still very much misses working with the BBC broadcasting legend and that it was a “joy” to be in the studio with him.

The pair continued down memory lane as they recalled the times where they were a little too risqué for TV.

“I came a real cropper once,” Bill laughed.

“I asked you how tight your isobars were, do you remember?”

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Carol started to giggle as she brought up one of her own.

“The one I remember is I was doing an experiment in the Blue Peter garden and I had two measuring cups,” she said.

The presenter revealed her experiment was to find out how much rainfall we had had, and how much we should have had at that point in the year.

“You threw to me and said: ‘Hey Kirky, are you going to do your experiment again?’

“And I said: ‘Yes, I’ll have my jugs out in 15 minutes!’ And you coudlnt speak, I wondered what I said!”

At this point, Bill roared with laughter as the memories came flooding back.

“We couldn’t speak and we were going through a really serious subject,” Bill cackled.

BBC Breakfast continues weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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