Cameron Diaz’s new video is an important watch for anyone missing friends during lockdown

At a time when many of us are missing our best friends, this video of Cameron Diaz and Gucci Westman has got us excited for curling up on the sofa with our buddies again.

We all want to be best friends with Cameron Diaz, and a new video interview proves exactly why. In the recording, the actor speaks to her makeup artist and pal Gucci Westman as part of the Makeup & Friends YouTube series (we must point out that it was of course filmed pre-lockdown).

Diaz, who continues to lead a pretty private life since retiring from Hollywood six years ago, chats to Westman about her decision to quit Hollywood, the “love language” of cooking and her relationship with husband Benji Madden. 

Diaz starts by telling viewers how the friends met years ago on the Being John Malkovich film set back in 1999. She has been friends with Westman and hired her as a makeup artists ever since.  They then laugh their heads off while reminiscing about a scary yet funny time when Diaz started crying because she couldn’t find Westman after a stint in the hospital. 

Watch the video with Cameron Diaz and Gucci Westman

Diaz also shares some promising news with fans who miss her on the big screen. Asked if she’s going to return to acting, she replies: “I’m never going to say never, because I’m not a person who says never about anything.”

She then reveals one of the reasons she left Hollywood in the first place, saying: “The red carpet is so different now. For my premieres, I would just go to Barney’s, buy clothes and just go to my premiere. It wasn’t like a whole production where you got judged or rated or scored for how you looked. You weren’t – what’s the word –objectified.”

It’s clear that Diaz is loving life at home with her family, and she particularly likes cooking. 

“Now that I’ve been home for six years, half of my house is my kitchen,” she explains. “When I feed the people I love, the things that I want them to have is the experience of feeling like it hit their heart, that they can feel my love.”

Batting away tears, she adds: “I wanna cry. My food is my love language.” 

Speaking about the importance of finding friendship with her husband, she also says: “The best thing that’s ever happened to me is finding my husband, and our partnership, and our friendship.”

Basically, it’s the kind of conversation we’d love to be having with our friends over a bottle of wine on a Friday night – something we are all deprived of right now. But let it be a reminder that those chats – the ones where neither of you can stop laughing for hours – will come again soon.  

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