Beyonce & Her Family Will Celebrate Mother’s Day Together After Testing Negative for COVID-19

Beyonce‘s mom Tina Knowles-Lawson says that they and their family have tested negative for coronavirus.

The duo recently teamed up to create the “I Did My Part” initiative to promote COVID-19 testing in their hometown of Houston. Because of the work they’re doing on the scene, they’ve been tested for the virus.

Since they tested negative, Tina says the family is going to gather this weekend for Mother’s Day.

“We all got tested and we are corona-free as far as I know, so we’re gonna get together on Sunday and have dinner… I get to see them and that’s gonna be the best Mother’s Day present ever,” Tina told Extra. “I can’t wait to hold them.”

Tina was also asked about how Bey and husband Jay-Z are holding up in quarantine. She said, “They’re doing great, I mean, like everybody else, quarantining and doing what they’re supposed to do, trying to stay safe.”

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