Astroworld Venue's Liability Insurance Policy Totals $26 Million to Cover Lawsuits

NRG Park — the venue that hosted the calamitous Astroworld festival — has an insurance policy totaling $26 million … nowhere near what the injured and families of the dead will be seeking.

TMZ has obtained the Certificate of Liability Insurance … a document that was filed with the City of Houston. Proof of insurance is required for such events.

The policy provides for $1 million in primary coverage with a $25 million umbrella. With 8 dead and more than 300 injured, damages could go into the hundreds of millions of dollars.

If the policy doesn’t cover the judgments, then NRG would be responsible for anything above the policy limit.

Now it’s possible NRG has additional coverage, but there’s no evidence of that from the documents.

We do not know what insurance policies are carried by Live Nation or Travis Scott, although it’s certain they have some coverage. But, whatever it is, when you total all of it together, it’s unlikely it will cover the enormous judgments that could be coming their way. If the injured and the families of the dead get judgments, the policies will cover them as far as the money goes, but once the limit is reached Travis and the various companies would be personally on the hook for the balance.

It’s not that the policies were not written properly, because no one could have anticipated the scope of the disaster.

The lawsuits are already piling up, so these policies could mean the difference between the various defendants being shielded from personal liability … and bankruptcy.

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