Ashley Martson: I Don’t Give AF if Jay Gets Deported!

Jay Smith spent almost all of the month of July behind bars in ICE custody.

He would still be there — had his boss not bailed him out in a stunning display of generosity.

Now, Jay's ex-wife, Ashley Martson, is weighing in on Jay's arrest.

(The arrest happened because he violated the Protection From Abuse order that she took out on him, after all)

Ashley reveals that Jay's cheating goes above and beyond what's already public knowledge.

She also says that his deportation is pretty much inevitable — and that she doesn't give a flying flip so long as he's out of her life.

1.Ashley is speaking out

2.She says Jay needed no help getting himself arrested


4.But Jay was going to jail regardless

5.Jay only hastened the inevitable

6.Won't part of her miss him when he's gone?

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