Arnold Schwarzenegger Involved In Scary Car Crash Near Home, Injuring Other Driver Photos

Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted at the crash site of a four-car accident.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 74, was involved in a gnarly car accident a mile away from his home. “There a four-car accident today at 4:35 pm on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Allenford in Los Angles,” Officer Drake Madison at the LAPD tells HollywoodLife. “In the accident, one car rolled on top of another. That is the only accident today on Sunset Blvd. No one is suspected to have been transported to the hospital.”

The former governor of California was driving his Yukon SUV on Sunset Blvd when he intercepted a red Prius, as per TMZ. The crash was so intense that Arnold’s SUV rolled on top of the Prius, crushing it and the female driver in it and then rolled left into a Porsche Cayenne. “It was crazy … it looked like a stunt in a movie,” an eyewitness told the outlet of the accident.

The woman in the Prius was badly injured, bleeding heavily from her head. An ambulance arrived at the crash site and rushed her to the hospital. The Terminator actor is ok and hasn’t sustained any injuries. A source told the outlet he wants to reach out and check on the woman as soon as it’s possible. Jake Steinfeld of “Body By Jake” fame was also at the scene of the crash and seemed to be fine as well.

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