Armie Hammer Spotted Out For The First Time Since March Rape Allegation

Armie Hammer has resurfaced in the Cayman Islands.

The actor has been lying low since dropping out of Shotgun Wedding, the rom-com he was set to star in alongside Jennifer Lopez. He went into hiding after a series of disturbing accusations about sexual misconduct, abuse, and yes, cannibalism, culminating in allegations of rape by a woman named Effie, believed to be the person who first fueled social media speculation on Armie’s behavior.

Outside of denying the allegations against him (he maintained that all of his relationships have been consensual), last we heard the Social Network star had moved out of his LA home in the dead of night, leaving behind a creepy tied up mannequin.

Now, the father of two has been spotted at a restaurant on the Cayman Islands, where his ex Elizabeth Chambers has resided with their children throughout the coronavirus crisis. Page Six reported on Thursday that he dined with “two older people and three other women,” the latter of whom were “just friends.” An eyewitness told the outlet that the lunch appeared “super chill” and “casual.” (Check out the photos HERE.)

Curious timing for him to be out in public, don’t you think??

Meanwhile, Elizabeth “is still focused on taking care of her kids and making sure they are OK and looking out for their well being.” A source for Entertainment Tonight shared about the TV personality:

“She is also taking time for herself and doing activities that make her feel good and carving some time out for self care. She is looking forward to spending Mother’s Day with her children and taking things day by day.”

Must be super weird to be around your ex again after learning all of that disturbing info… we hope they’re able to keep things as cordial (and stable!) as possible for the sake of their kids.

And if she’s bringing up Mother’s Day, it’s no wonder to think she might want her estranged husband to keep far away from her celebrations. As we’ve known for the past couple of months, Armie is currently under investigation by the LAPD over the aforementioned alleged sexual assault.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Think he’s going to be coming out of hiding more and more? Or is this the last good shot the public will get to see of him for a while?

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