Ariana Grande Posts Support for Taylor Swift, Says She Talked to Scooter Braun About the Situation

Ariana Grande shared her support for Taylor Swift on Instagram this morning, though she quickly deleted the post and asked fans to act like “this didn’t happen.”

The 26-year-old singer is one of Scooter Braun‘s longtime clients, so some fans were definitely surprised to see that she stood up for Taylor after Scooter purchased all of her master recordings.

“I would never support someone with the intentions of hurting another person…. I spoke to him myself as soon as I heard.. I don’t mean to make this public or get involved but I’ve noticed mixed opinions where people used my name… please spread love. I’m so so sorry Tay. Ily [I love you]. Stay strong,” Ariana wrote on her Instagram Stories.

Ari added, “Deleting in a man. This didn’t happen.” And she indeed deleted it, but fans of course screen capped the message first.

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