Are Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson Dating?

Celebrity romances can be hard to keep track of, especially when the romance takes shape in such an unusual pairing as actors Bill Hader and Rachel Bilson. The couple, who costarred in the 2013 rom-com The To Do List, were reportedly spotted together on what seemed to be a coffee date in Hader’s hometown.

Keep reading to get to the bottom of this speculated romance once and for all.

Hader and Bilson were spotted getting coffee together … in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

TMZ published photos of the two actors grabbing coffee in Hader’s hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The outlet also claimed that they were holding hands, although we’ve yet to see photographic evidence of that.

Still, the fact that Bilson was in Hader’s hometown may indicate that their relationship is already entering the meet-the-family phase. (Or, perhaps, they’re just friends spending the holidays together.)

Both of them have recently divorced from their long-term spouses.

Hader was married to Maggie Carey, who (interestingly enough) directed The To Do List, which first allowed the actors to get acquainted. According to People, they were married from 2006 to 2018 and share three kids together: Hayley Clementine, 5, Harper, 7, and Hannah Kathryn, 10.

Bilson also recently separated from husband Hayden Christensen in 2017 after 10 years together. Bilson and Christensen also share a child together: a 5-year-old girl named Briar Rose Christensen.

Hader and Bilson debuted their romance at the 2020 Golden Globes.

It’s official! These two are officially an item.

Hader and Bilson flaunted their new romance by attending the 77th Golden Globes together.

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