A Place In The Sun presenter ‘unsure’ about future on show in filming admission

A Place In The Sun presenter Sara Damergi, 39, took a break from the show as part of her maternity leave last year. Now the property expert has admitted she has no set date to return. Spilling all to Express.co.uk, she said: “I haven’t been doing that lately [filming for the show]. I took some time out when I had my son, so really the podcast [Lifehackers] is my first door with getting back into things again.”

We’ve had a talk about going back but I don’t really know

Sara Damergi

On when she could start filming for the show again, she added: “I’m not sure actually.

“I think we are due to discuss it with them… we’ve had a talk about going back but I don’t really know.

“I think they are filming the current series so I guess when that ends.”

Despite currently being away from the show, Sara reflected on an awkward moment she faced during filming on set a few years back.

The brunette beauty told of how a house hunter refused to film with her as he disliked a particular house.

“I had a client who refused to go and look in the property and I know they [the episodes] get repeated a lot, so I still get tweets about it,” she said.

“He just got out of the car and he said, ‘I’m sorry, this just isn’t good enough.’ It was a beautiful property but he was very adamant and he refused to go in.”

When asked how she dealt with the situation, she added: “We had to go in and film without him just to show the property.

“It was very awkward. Then I had to say like, ‘Okay let’s go and chat about this,’ and we filmed near the property in a woods.”

Elsewhere, Sara’s co-star Jasmine Harman, 43, has been giving fans an insight into filming the last episodes of the current series.

Earlier today, she told fans she had become distracted during filming in Wales after spotting dolphins in the sea.

After several attempts of trying to capture the creatures, she successfully caught a glimpse on camera.

The mother-of-two also appeared startled by the sunshine while in Wales.

In view of her 24,000 followers, she rhetorical asked: “If the weather was like this all the time, why would anyone want to go abroad?”

Elsewhere, during Sara’s time away, she has been presenting podcast Lifehackers, alongside her Coast Vs Country co-star Kerr Drummond.

The duo have so far debated about a range of topics from the use of breast milk, to vegan diets as well as 3D printing.

Explaining all, Sara said: “It’s really good fun, we are basically looking for the best life hacks, it can be about anything.”

A Place In The Sun continues today at 4pm on Channel 4.

Sara and Kerr’s Lifehackers podcast can be heard at https://play.acast.com/s/lifehackers

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