19 Times The Cast Of "It Chapter Two" Proved To Actually Be Very Adorable Behind-The-Scenes

1.When Isaiah Mustafa and Chosen Jacobs demonstrated JUST how perfect the casting was.

And, to Mustafa’s credit, the performance!

2.And when Jay Ryan and Jeremy Ray Taylor did, too.

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Jay and Ray. 🕶

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3.When Sophia Lillis took this A+++ video of Wyatt Oleff dancing to “Thong Song.”

https://instagram.com/p/B0cpXGSBdFL/” target=”_blank”>instagram.com

And by dancing I mean…aggressive moving?

4.When Bill Hader got some very animated direction doing ADR.

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“How many Star Wars voices can you do, Bill?” —Andy Muschietti, probably.

5.When Jessica Chastain shared some ~bloody~ love with Muschietti.

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6.And when she demonstrated her A+ screaming, grunting, and tea-drinking skills.

More tea!

7.When the Losers did this, uh, very ~interesting~ voice exercise.

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ya ya yA Ya YA YA 😂

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This is kinda creepy actually haha.

8.When Jaeden, Jeremy, and Wyatt took a break from Derry by visiting Hogsmeade:

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What Hogwarts house would the Losers’ Club be?

9.When Bill Skarsgård got out-creeped by Muschietti.

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Look behind you!

10.When Mustafa shared this matchy-matchy selfie with the Paul Bunyan statue.

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Who wore it better? #losersclub

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11.When Jaeden Martell took a moment to write “Silver” on the famous movie (and novel) bike.

Hi Ho!

12.When James McAvoy spotted Pennywise in the UK and ~ran~ for his life…again.


13.And when he thought this dessert looked all-too-familiar to the Ritual of Chüd from Chapter Two:

People who know the book will get the Maturin (turtle) reference, too.

14.When Wyatt Oleff took a SUPER POLITE selfie with a napping Nicholas Hamilton.

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happy birthday @wyattoleff i hate you ❤️

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Henry Bowers would never stand for this.

15.When Jackson Robert Scott did less floating and more Fortnite-dancing.

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Action Jackson @jacksonrobertscottofficial

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Georgie can dance!

16.When Hader and Muschietti got ~super serious~ behind the Derry Town House front desk.

Why so serious???

17.When Oleff jumped and apparently hit his head on a hallway ceiling!?!?

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LOSER @wyattoleff

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IDK why this is even happening, but it’s pretty funny.

18.When the kids shared this goofy, but super cute, photo on wrap day for Chapter Two:

https://instagram.com/p/BR4NlwuFXeo/” target=”_blank”>instagram.com

Tired, but happy.

19.And finally, when Muschietti got comfy in the editing suite.

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My feelings, too.

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